China Doll now features yearly rental apartments. All of our apartments are located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Our apartments will be available for rent again on April 1, 2013. If you are interested in renting one of our apartments, please call Yanan Haring at 773-343-8769.

Click on any of the fine properties below for photos and detailed information.

Featured Properties

China Doll Original

Three beautiful and spacious rental units. From fireplaces to cozy living areas to gourmet kitchens.

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China Doll Coach House

A three bedroom coach house with three floors in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

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China Doll Country

China Doll country features two apartments, each with two bedrooms.

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China Doll Orchard

China Doll Orchard features two bedrooms, one bathroom and an updated kitchen.

Email Yanan Haring for more information about China Doll Orchard.

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