The China Doll Story  

China Doll Guest House Chinese Letters

This blessing was presented by 88-year-old Fan Fu Sheng to his daughter, Yanan Haring, and her husband, Jim Haring, the owners and hosts of China Doll Guest House. At right is his literal transcription of the words “China Doll.”

Chinese calligraphy is an art form, created with the same care as a fine painting or sculpture. The characters often differ from modern standard characters and were developed as much for the beauty of their form as for their meaning.

Knowing that this message was so lovingly crafted makes it very special to us, and we extend the same sentiment to you. We hope that in the decor, furnishings, and amenities of China Doll, you will sense our concern for your comfort and well-being.

It will be an honor to have you as our guest.

Photos of the China Doll Guest House proprietors

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